The Team

Print Collective is run by volunteers, all passionate about the creative arts.
Meet the team, below:

Photo shows Mim, who enjoys the creative arts and bloggingMim: Co-Founder

In her spare time you’ll find Mim learning about design, dabbling in photography and getting to grips with calligraphy. When she’s not at the gym, you’ll probably catch her spending time with friends, blogging in a coffee shop or trying to find the time to finish reading her latest book!

Photo shows Zoe, she enjoys writing blog posts Zoe Abernethy: Co-Founder

Zoe enjoys walks on the beach with her husband Andy and their dog Ozzy, running, listening to music, reading, shopping and Netflix. She loves to write and articulates what her heart wants to say over on her personal blog, Beyond the familiar, as well as sharing here on Print Collective.

Photo shows Rachel, she enjoys writing, stories and photographyRachel:  Team Member

Rachel is a lover of stories. She is a musician, freelancer, Dungeon master and amateur photographer. She has been a Christian for several decades, coming to faith after fears that the Sun was going to explode. She’s been one of God’s handfuls ever since.

Photo shows Rachel, she enjoys writing, reading and spoken wordRachael Birch: Team Contributor

Rachael is happily married to her husband Jonny and together they have three daughters. She loves exercise, reading, writing and music, spending time outdoors and caring for the environment. You can read Rachael’s blog here and follow her on Instagram, or Facebook.

Photo shows Phil, he enjoys creative writing, reading and GodPhil Walker: Team Contributor

Phil hails from Runcorn in the UK, where he works as a science technician at a secondary school. Some of Phil’s passions include creative writing, reading, catching up with the latest TV series and a relaxing bath!  His other main passion is spending time with God.

Photo shows Holly, she enjoys art, writing and performing spoken wordHolly Warren: Team Contributor

Holly is an urban missionary, heading up the Eden Network missional community in Birkenhead, in North West England. She’s also a creative; in her spare time Holly enjoys writing her own poetry to perform as spoken word and dabbles in art, in the form of painting and drawing.

Photo shows Cathy, part time pastor and minister, she enjoys writing and GodCathy Buntin: Team Contributor

Cathy is part time minister at Laird Street Baptist church in Birkenhead, North West England. She is widowed, and has two grown up married children, one granddaughter and a step granddaughter, whom she adores. She loves encouraging people to give their lives to God.